The Model 2070ATC represents the quality of the Siemens brand, as well as the leading edge of surface transportation control technology. Based on the CALTRANS 2070 standard and with controllers installed in markets such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Harris County, Texas, the State of Georgia, and our corporate hometown of Austin, Texas, the 2070ATC is a product to fit the needs of any market.2070vln2_front


The 2070 Family of controllers provided by Siemens are approved by CalTrans 2002 TEES with open architecture that ensures compatability with off the shelf products. The 2070 features interface modules from multiple vendors, standard OS9 Operating system, and standard software modules from multiple sources.

Available Models

Mates to 170 style cabinets, 5-slot VME Cage Assembly, 4-line display
Mates to TS-1 or TS-2 Type 2 cabinets, 5-slot VME Cage, 8-line display
Mates to 170 style cabinets, Ethernet, 8-line display
Mates to TS-2 Type 1 cabinet, 5-slot VME Cage, 8-line display
Mates to ITS cabinets, Ethernet, 8-line display
Mates to TS-2 Type 1 cabinet, Ethernet, 8-line display
Mates to TS-1 or TS-2 Type 2 cabinets, Ethernet, 8-line display


  • Three front panel options.
  • Standard Microware OS9 multi-tasking and DOS like commands
  • Embedded real-time kernel
  • Sequential character file manager (SCFMAN)
  • Sequential protocol file manager (SPFMAN)
  • Pipe file manager (PIPEMAN)
  • Randam block file manager (RBFMAN)
  • “C” input/output library
  • Flash drive, RAM drive, Timer library, error logger, validations suite for self testing, modem tester
  • Access to serial ports under application and software control
  • Power supply module independent, self contained
  • Input protection
  • +5 VDC standby power using capacitor backup
  • Safety circuitry monitors line voltage and output

Power Supply Features

  • 10 amp
  • Industrial grade 100 watt quadruple output supply
  • Internal safety circuitry senses and measures
  • Efficient 50 KHz switching regulator
  • Supercap storage system for memory backup without batteries
  • Physical Dimensions
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